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We welcome you to 2 paddling practices before we’ll ask you to become a BRCC member.

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Invite a group of at least ten people to paddle in a dragon boat.

The Berkeley Racing Canoe Center (BRCC) has a dual mission of encouraging competitive dragon boat racing and recreational paddling with its inherent health and fitness benefits, and of providing water access to community members from all walks of life, ages, and abilities.
It is through the tireless efforts of our volunteers that we are able to provide low-cost membership to water sports enthusiasts, serve hundreds of individual community members, and support a diverse group of social services and schools enabling them to better serve Berkeley and the Bay Area.

1. All paddlers/small vessel users need to sign the 2022 Waiver.

Members & Guests
Community Event Paddlers

2. All paddlers/small vessel users need to sign the COVID-19 Consent Form.

Members & Guests
Community Event Paddlers

3. All paddlers/small vessel users who are eligible to be vaccinated are required to provide a proof.

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How far out can you paddle in a dragon boat? Check the Operating Rules.


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Operating Rules & Procedures

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