Key Fob Test

Obtaining and using a Marina key fob is a privilege extended to BRCC by the City of Berkeley.

The key fob gives access to M Dock and the associated restroom. We have found out that access to M Dock isn’t 24 hours and has a curfew so the tenants can have some privacy.

Key fob holders are responsible for their actions which can be tracked via data generated by the fob. Your key fob is not transferable.

To obtain a key fob, BRCC members must pass the following test. This ensures that key fob holders are versed in all BRCC safety protocols and procedures in relation to all vessels and equipment in and around M Dock.

When a member passes the test, the BRCC Membership Director will notify the member to make arrangements for key fob distribution, pick up, and a non-refundable fee of $15 at the Berkeley Harbor Master’s Office.

Here are some helpful resources for passing the test:

Key Fob Test – Please check all that apply

Key Fob Test
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Team Affiliation
1. Unscheduled use of the dragon boats is prohibited (or not allowed) unless expressly authorized by:
2. What is required for guests to be allowed on a BRCC dragon boat, kayak, or outrigger canoe (OC)?
3. What type of PFD/Lifejacket is acceptable to use on a kayak or outrigger canoe (OC)?
4. What is required before taking a BRCC kayak or outrigger canoe outside the Berkeley Marina?
5. Which of the following is required for children under 8 years old to be allowed on a BRCC boat?
6. Who is responsible for making sure that all of the lockers are locked when a dragon boat leaves the dock or at the end of practice?
7. GENERAL SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS - What safety equipment is required to be on board a BRCC dragon boat?
8. MARINA ETIQUETTE AND PUBLIC RELATIONS - When can the gate to M Dock be propped open against the gangway ramp?
9. What is acceptable practice for BRCC members or guests while on M Dock?
10. What is the best practice if you have a disagreement or dispute with any other organization or individual in the Berkeley Marina?
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