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1442a Walnut St. #243
Berkeley, CA 94709

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Berkeley Marina, Berth M
125 University Ave, Berkeley CA

Driving Directions from the South

Route 880 north to Berkeley, exit at University Avenue, right under the arch-suspension pedestrian bridge.
Follow the signs to Frontage Road and then to Fourth Street. You will end up making three right turns taking you to the westbound freeway overpass.

Immediately after exiting to the right, the off-ramp splits. Stay to the right at the first split, following the first sign to Frontage Rd. Do not take the left-most branch of the off-ramp that goes uphill to the University Avenue overpass.

A few feet later the off-ramp splits again. Both branches go down to street level. This time take the one to the left, following the signs to Frontage Rd. and Fourth Street.

After the off-ramp, continue one short block north on Frontage Road under the University Ave. overpass, and take the first right turn about one block past the overpass onto Hearst, following the Fourth Street sign. Go about five blocks east, across the tracks and across Fourth Street, to the traffic light at 6th. Turn right on 6th, go south one block, then turn right onto University Ave., heading west.

Continue west on the overpass towards the Bay, over the railroad tracks and the freeway.

Pass Seabreeze Market on your left. Keep going to the Marina entrance, where U. Ave. makes a slight turn to the left and then straightens again. Do not make a right turn until you are at the last parking lot entrance on the right before the road ends at the Municipal Fishing Pier and the Chinese Dog Warrior sculpture, which are at the extreme west end of U. Ave.

Car break-ins are sometimes a problem, so do not leave valuable items in view.