All boats are available for use by qualified BRCC members at no charge beyond the annual membership fee.

Using OCs requires a huli certification to show your ability to recover after an OC flips over. You have to be able to upright it, get back in the canoe and continue paddling.

Get huli certified
OC Operating Rules
SUP + Kayak Operating Rules

Max & Ruby Dragon Boats

Champion Dragon Boat

10 Men Dragon Boat

Tin Dragon Boat

Gray Kaku C1

Green Pickle C2

Red Hurricane C3

Gray Kaimana C4

Sniper C5

Pahoa C6

Red Tandem

Banana Boat

Triple Kayak

Dark Blue Long Kayak

Dark Blue Short Kayak

Red Kayak

Green Kayak

Light Blue Kayak

Stand-up Paddle Board (SUP)