OC Operating Rules

Rule 1

All paddlers (except the second paddler on an OC-2) are required to sign out a canoe using the online reservation system AND check in and out on the handwritten log sheet in the OC Equipment Storage box.
Only BRCC-Certified OC Paddlers are allowed to reserve an OC online.
All paddlers, including guests on an OC-2, are required to have a current waiver on file with BRCC. A guest waiver filled out and left on the clipboard in the locker before paddling is considered to be “on file.”

Rule 2

Only BRCC members who are OC certified by BRCC may paddle a BRCC OC-1 or be the person in charge of an OC-2. Exceptions can be arranged for participating in time trials supervised by the Small Fleet manager, a BRCC Coach, or person designated by either of the above. Exceptions may also be arranged for training sessions under the direct supervision of the Small Fleet Manager.

Rule 3

An OC Certified Paddler may host one non-member uncertified guest on an OC-2. A guest can paddle an OC-2 with BRCC member/OC Certified Paddler up to three times. After three introductory sessions, new paddlers are asked to join BRCC

Rule 4

A foam vest type PFD MUST be worn. A fanny pack or other style of inflatable PFD is not acceptable.

Rule 5

A leash must be used while paddling the OCs. Only one leash needs to be worn by one of the paddlers in an OC-2.

Rule 6

After sunset, lights visible from all directions must be shown. One bike light worn by the paddler is generally not sufficient, two lights should be used to be visible from all directions.

Rule 7

The OCs shall not go past the breakwater into the open SF Bay without a support vessel such as another OC, kayak or dragon boat within easy hailing distance and remaining close enough to assist in case of an emergency.

Rule 8

If the small boats go past the breakwater wall they must stay within 200 yards of the shoreline, and shall not go south of the old Hs. Lordships restaurant building or north of the NW corner of Cesar Chavez Park.

Rule 9

The OCs shall not go outside the protection of the breakwaters if the wind is over ten (10) knots (11.5 mph) or if there are white caps visible in the waters outside the marina.

Rule 10

Any damage, leaks or mechanical problems with the boat shall be recorded on the log sheet when returning the OC. The Small Fleet Manager and Fleet Captain shall be notified if the issue is considered critical. Damage shall be reported regardless of whether the damage occurred during the present use or was a pre-existing condition.

Rule 11

If a boat is considered not safe for use, a conspicuous note shall be left on the boat and the Small Fleet Manager and the Fleet Captain shall be notified.

Procedures for OC Operation and Storage

We maintain a list of certified OC paddlers and a hardcopy should be available on the clipboard where the log-in sheet is attached. If your name is not on the list you shouldn’t be paddling an OC unless you meet the allowable exceptions.

Please watch our helpful videos for maneuvering/launching/putting the OCs back on the rack at M dock:

The OCs are stored fully assembled:

If a boat is considered not safe for use, a conspicuous note shall be left on the boat and the Small Fleet Manager and the Fleet Captain shall be notified.

  • The seats and leashes are retrieved from the OC Equipment Storage Locker and must be attached.
  • After unlocking – secure lock & set to 0000.
  • Check for water in the hulls and ama by lifting them and listening for water moving inside. Drain if necessary!
  • Roll the iako/ama in the water and then lift and place the hull in the water while holding onto the leash.
  • Attach/adjust the seat, mount, attach leash to ankle and paddle away.

Upon returning to the dock:

  • Lift the OC out of the water and place it on mounts or in the rack.
  • Remove plugs and drain out any water in the hull and ama. To drain lift end opposite the plug higher to allow water to exit the hull & ama.
  • Rinse off the hull and ama with fresh water and load the hull in the rack.
  • Lash down the hull to the rack and reattach the combo lock and spin to 0000.

Before you leave -> Storage & Safety

  • Lock up the OC by gently running the lock through the hole in the foot pedal and secure the lock and reset to 0000.
  • Store the leash and seat in the OC Equipment Storage box.
  • Check out by signing out on the OC Log. Note the finish time and any concerns about the condition or operation of the vessel must be documented in the comment section.