BRCC COVID-19 Guidelines for Adults & Youth

These guidelines may change over time and will be updated accordingly.

Updated: September 2023

Although we don’t require verification of vaccination, BRCC highly recommends that its members are vaccinated for the safety of all when exercising in close quarters on our dragon boats.

This decision is based on:

  • Current info on some increase in cases and hospitalizations as we go into the fall flu season
  • Increased concern about development of long-term COVID (can occur regardless of age, or severity of symptoms)
  • New variants that may be worse than old ones.

There are still at risk people amongst our friends, family and fellow paddlers. Being vaccinated also protects them.

COVID Vaccinations: As new variants have appeared, updated COVID vaccines have also been developed. The COVID vaccines received by the membership have probably ranged from those who have only received the first vaccine offered in 2021 to those who have received one or more of the subsequent updated vaccine series. So, the level of immunity in our membership may vary a lot. In the end of September 2023 there will be a new updated vaccine available which will cover a new variant (still mostly prevalent in Europe) as well as those variants now prevalent in the US. BRCC highly recommends that our members receive this updated vaccine, especially if you have not received other updated COVID vaccines. At this time BRCC will not be requiring proof of this vaccine, but in the future, it may be required.

REMINDER to please follow the California State Health Dept. (and CDC) COVID guidelines listed below.


If you test positive for COVID and:

► are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms: you should isolate through at least day 5 after a positive test or when symptoms appear. You should wear a N95 mask through day 10 unless you tested negative twice after day 5 and your symptoms are resolving.
► have moderate or severe COVID symptoms, you should isolate through at least day 10. Those with severe COVID may remain infectious beyond 10 days and may need to extend isolation for up to 20 days.

If you are exposed to a COVID case and:

► have no symptoms, test immediately and again 5 days after your exposure. If you test with a PCR test and it is negative, then you are cleared. If you test with the antigen home test after 5 days, and it is negative, take another antigen test after 48 hours.
If your second antigen test is also negative, and you remain asymptomatic, you are cleared.

In general, DON’T COME TO PRACTICE if you are ill with any COVID symptoms, or have been exposed to COVID. FOLLOW ABOVE GUIDELINES!